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The mission of the BIPOC Student Fund by Black Arts Therapies Educators is to provide access and support for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in creative arts therapies education programs. As many colleges move to remote-learning and online platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic, BIPOC students are required to purchase laptops, tablets, art supplies, instruments, and books, while covering the costs of basic necessities during their undergraduate or graduate coursework. 

Marisol Norris, MT-BC, Britton Williams, LCAT, RDT/BCT and Leah Gipson, LCPC, ATR-BC, recognized that BIPOC students are increasingly likely to delay their studies due to illness, economic hardship, lack of a supportive network, loss and trauma. In addition to the hardships that many college students endure, BIPOC students experience racism at academic institutions, professional associations, and internships. Each of these factors can negatively impact students’ motivation and mental health, and ultimately lead to fewer BIPOC mental health professionals, in particular those who specialize in using art in psychotherapy.

The BIPOC Student Fund will provide immediate need-based-aid and build more resources for students. We affirm and support all BIPOC students, including those who identify as trans, disabled, queer, have marginalized religious identities, or share lived experiences as first generation college students. Award eligibility is inclusive of students across BIPOC diasporas and can be used for creative arts therapies education in any country. We are a grassroots initiative and welcome contributions from individuals, small groups, larger organizations, and institutions.

On July 7, 2020, we launchd a $20,000 campaign. In just one day, donations reached our first fundraising benchmark of $2,500, an amount we have set aside for an emergency fund. This first application cycle will award small grants to students from each discipline, dance-movement therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, art therapy, and expressive arts therapy during the Fall 2020 academic term.

The BIPOC Student Fund aims to provide three types of grants during the academic year, based on available funds:

  • Emergency Grant - $500

  • Graduate Project, Thesis, Dissertation Grant - $1000

  • Tuition Grant - $2,500

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